Monday April 29th at 7:30pm This is the evening on which we will review our year, look forward to the future and elect our new PCC members. If you would like to stand as a PCC member you need to… Read more

Some Dates for Your Diary

There are three special Sundays coming up in the summer. Sunday, 12th May will see the official launch of our five-year Strategic Plan (2019 to 2024). You will see that the PCC is looking to the future. Ultimately, that will… Read more

Easter Services 2019

Holy Week— A Story of Darkness and Light As ever, we need to walk through the fear, depression and sorrow of Holy Week in order to reach the joy of Easter Day. We must not miss the darkness and rush… Read more

Electoral Roll - Job Done!

Thank you for all your application forms to re-join the electoral roll. That process is now completed and will not happen again for another six years! Please check your details on the list in the foyer. We want to say… Read more

Easter Services

Outline of the Easter 2019 services. Maundy Thursday: 7:45pm – Traditional communion service. Good Friday: 10:00am – Walk of witness, starting at the Boundary House pub car park and walking to a service at Rodbourne Cheney Baptist church. Good Friday:… Read more

Forging Connections

Please note this is nothing to do with the Diocesan vision “Creating Connections.” Forging Connections all about building relationships between Christian organisations working in the town and the churches in Swindon. A coalition of various organisations has come together including… Read more

Puppets at Pram Club last Monday

Here is a shepherd searching for his lost sheep and finding every kind of animal except the one he is looking for! A great service, a good lunch and lots of parents and children learning together.

Stuck Record?

If you have not filled in your Electoral Roll Application Form please do not go home this morning without doing so. It will mean Sharon does not have to chase you for it. (Sorry—churches all over the country are giving… Read more

Electoral Roll Officer Landing!

Sharon arrives back on Sunday. With all the unpacking, laundry and general sorting out of emails, she is going to be very busy this week. So she will be very pleased to see your Electoral Roll Application Form sitting in… Read more