Kenya - Country Number 43

Even though Kenya is a majority-Christian country, many Christian communities are affected by persecution. Al-Shabaab is a growing presence in the counties bordering Somalia, attacking and intimidating Christians. Believers from a Muslim background in the northeast and coastal regions live… Read more

New St John’s Architect Appointed

Following the unexpected retirement of our previous architect, PCC needed to appoint a new one. After interviewing three candidates, David, and our churchwardens Sam and Sharon, agreed that the post should go to Jessica Holland. PCC confirmed this at their… Read more

Responding to Requests

You may wonder whether there is any response when people stand up and ask for volunteers to take on various roles in church. We are delighted to say that there often is. Recently, Raymond was trying to recruit young people… Read more

The Real Easter Egg

2020 is the tenth anniversary of The Real Easter Egg. The Meaningful Chocolate Company which makes it, is based on a farm in Cheshire. Out of the 80 million Easter eggs sold in this part of the world every year,… Read more

Bishop Lee

Bad News: Bishop Lee slipped on black ice last week and broke his leg very badly. He had to endure a five hour operation. + Lee was going to go to American as part of his sabbatical starting in February…. Read more

A Big Thank You

A Big Thank You … all the counters who turned up to count the Jars of Grace on Tuesday and saw coins in their sleep. It is not too late to bring yours back.

Something to Celebrate

When Communist rule came to Albania in 1967, religion was totally banned. The country was declared by its rulers to be the first atheist state in the world. Clergy went to prison. Churches were shut. Worship was forbidden. Parents were… Read more

Make Your Presence Count

Tuesday 21st at 10am The plan this year is to take the hard labour out of counting all the money for the Jar of Grace. Instead of asking a single individual or couple to count it, we are going to… Read more