Alpha: Who Could You Invite?

You will have received the letter from our Communications Team. We hope to start on Wednesday, 27th January. People can sign up directly from our website. Full information is there.

Eritrea - Country No 6

The Eritrean Orthodox Church is the only Christian denomination recognised by the government, and is tightly controlled by those in power. Government security forces monitor phone calls, scrutinise activity and conduct countless raids which target Christians, seize Christian materials and damage house churches. Christians… Read more

Meeting for Prayer

Here are two dates for your diary. We are going to meet for prayer on Zoom on: Thursday, 4th February @ 7:30pm Thursday, 4th March @ 7:30pm Code will be issued next week.

Fears for Luweero

Opposition Candidates have been banned from campaigning in some districts, including Luweero. The Electoral Commission has denied journalists access to polling stations. The driving force behind these restrictions is Mr Museveni. There is serious restriction on movement. There have been… Read more

First Guest on the Alpha Course

Dr. Francis Collins is a physician-geneticist of world renown. He was leader of the international Human Genome Project, which culminated in the completion of a finished sequence of the human DNA instruction book. Dr Collins is also a committed Christian… Read more

Lounge Floor Repaired

Even though the PCC and FF&G have spent months over this project, partially because of Covid and partially because a new architect had to be appointed in the course of it, the work was done in a single morning. Geobear… Read more


We had a great prayer meeting for Mike and his family on Monday. Next week we will publish some dates for prayer between now and Easter. Praying in front of a laptop might feel strange at first but when two… Read more

Yemen – Country No 8

Yemen is undergoing a civil war. It is a strongly Islamic nation, and all Yemenis are considered Muslims. Leaving Islam is forbidden. Muslims who decide to follow Jesus could face the death penalty. There is no room either for church… Read more

All Change – Once Again

Where are we with our services under Tier 5? The Standing Committee met when we were still in Tier 4, to discuss what we should do about the 11am in the light of the new strain of coronavirus. We have… Read more