Christingle in St John’s

When we started doing Christingle, it was pretty well the only one in this area. However, since then the popularity of this service has mushroomed, and children are likely to encounter more than one Christingle service each year. However, our St… Read more

Christingle Factory Needed

Just when it looked as though we had solved the Christingle question for good, we discover we have to do it all over again… It takes a lot of people to put together a hundred oranges, candles, sweets, ribbon and… Read more

Christmas Carols and Crafts

At the time of writing this event has not yet taken place, but we would value your prayers, if you are reading this on Friday afternoon. Hundreds of invitations have gone out to schools as we seek to engage with… Read more

Gusting to Gale Force

Unfortunately, Paul best efforts at putting up the banner at the front of church where wiped out less than a week later by ferocious gusts of wind, strong enough to rip the banner. He and Chris have had another go,… Read more

One Down — Two to Go

Two people have kindly volunteered to look after coffee at Christingle at St Francis. We really still need volunteers for our: Christingle service on 16th December and at the Carol Service on 23rd December, here in church. If you can… Read more

Our New Treasury Team

Please keep James in your prayers: James was officially appointed our treasurer at the PCC meeting on 26th November. That means he is going to be on a learning curve for the next few months as he comes to understand… Read more

Winter Welcome!!

Food is a big part of offering a friendly welcome. Can you volunteer to help at: Christingle – Sunday, Dec 16th at 4:40pm The Carol Service – Sunday, Dec 23 at 6:30pm Christingle at St Francis – Christmas Eve at… Read more

Mission and Vision

With the Launch of the Pattern Church, this is a good time for our PCC to be thinking about our own mission and vision. Despite all that is being done in Bristol and Swindon in terms of Resourcing Churches, Bishop… Read more

Launch of The Pattern Church

Both our bishops were present at the official launch of the Pattern Church on Thursday evening. (Bishop Viv had been to James Wilks House the day before, so she is getting used to coming to Swindon.) Joel was officially licensed… Read more

Christmas Card Boxes

Christmas Card boxes will be out from Sunday, 2nd December. Please note that cards must only be put in them if people are confident that the recipient still attends church. We cannot be responsible for delivering cards that are not… Read more