Strict New Lockdown in Uganda

New restrictions will be strictly enforced in Uganda to curb the spread of a second wave of Covid-19 following a sharp rise in cases, President Museveni confirmed in a televised address last Sunday. “All schools will be closed for 42… Read more

Five Year MOT for the Church Building

Most churches in Britain are inspected ‘quinquennially’, that is to say every five years. The Church of England introduced quinquennial inspections as a statutory requirement in 1955 through The Inspection of Churches Measure. We often groan inwardly at the thought… Read more

PCC Meeting on Monday

Your new PCC will meet next week to discuss the Grand Reopening – in whatever form that takes. We will also be thinking about provision for our children and youth work in the days ahead. Our children’s leaders are meeting… Read more

From The APCM on Monday

Churchwarden Our previous Annual Meeting was actually six months ago. It had been delayed because of the coronavirus. We hoped it would be the last one under Covid restrictions. Sadly—not quite yet! We began by electing our churchwardens. Unfortunately, for… Read more

All Change at the Diocese

Oliver Home has done an outstanding job as Diocesan Secretary. That is the C of E’s way of describing the top job done by a lay person at Hillside House. It is a post of huge responsibility. Oliver will be… Read more

Big Thank You!

We elected four people to the PCC this year. Tom was appointed for a single year. We are delighted to welcome back Tony. We also saw Charmain and Ali coming on PCC for the first time. We thank Alan and… Read more

Boot Camp

A few weeks ago, I told the story of a young Christian man doing his National Service back in the fifties. It had been told to me by a GP who led a Christian group when I was at school…. Read more

A Fruitful Partnership

St Francis School are very enthusiastic partners with us, sharing our passion for Uganda. I received another generous gift from them this week. The children raised no less than £704 for Uganda over the last few weeks and have entrusted… Read more