Enabling Structures

A Re-assessment It became clear to us a few years ago that having eleven full PCC meetings a year was not necessarily the best way of using people’s time. Many people gave up hours to attend – but what exactly… Read more

Medical Care

We were delighted to hear that Doreen’s shoulder operation has been a huge success. From not being able to move her arm or even sleep on her side a few weeks ago, she can now throw a ball without pain…. Read more

Two New Archdeacons

Our former Archdeacon, Christine Froude, literally did the work of two people. The diocese has recognised this and has appointed two people to replace her! The new Archdeacon at the Bristol end of the Diocese has been named as Revd… Read more

Another Fellowship Afloat

This ship will be home for Bill for three months. If you were here last week, you will have had a sneak preview of why Bill is going to be on board, and which part of the world he is… Read more

The Rock Café

The Rock Café committee have arranged a Volunteers meeting on 10th June at 2:30pm in the Cafe at church. Could you please put this date in your diary and try to be able to attend. It is really important that… Read more

All Change

What happened at the APCM? We said a big thank you to three PCC members who stood down at the APCM on Monday having served us well over the years. Chris, Tony and Simon were all thanked for their service… Read more

The Strategic Plan

Next week we want to introduce the Strategic Plan and spend a few more weeks thinking about it. Mark and Anna have been really helpful in enabling us to think about the strategy we want to develop as a church… Read more

Window in Memory of Andrew

This is our first Easter without Rev Andrew Dean. Andrew was ordained in 1995 as a Self Supporting Minister, and preached, celebrated and led worship at both our services for over two decades. More recent members may not remember him… Read more