The Sad Experience of Loss

There is never a good time to lose a loved one, but the current emergency makes that experience worse than ever. No more than ten family members can be present at the funeral service. Chairs inside the chapel are placed… Read more

Something Good from Tom

“Through the Spring Harvest youtube feed I came across ‘Virtual Sunday School’. It is uploaded every week by members of 4Front Theatre. Having watched a couple this morning, they are very good – short, engaging and include some craft /… Read more

Alpha Course —on Zoom

Pattern Church have invited us to join their next Online Alpha Course starting Wednesday, 29th April at 7:30pm. Ali Wiltshire has just finished the Alpha course and she and Raymond will lead the St John’s virtual table on this one…. Read more

Much Better News

Let’s look at the positive side. In the country of Malawi, north-east of Zimbabwe, last year’s elections were widely rigged and won by the sitting president—to no-one’s surprise. Corruption appeared to have triumphed once again. Remarkably, the country’s top judges… Read more

Another Victim of Coronavirus—Freedom

While we are focused on everything from home-schooling to ventilators, worrying things are happening in the world. Authoritarian leaders are using this crisis to bring in antidemocratic measures and increase surveillance.* This applies in particular to China and Russia—but not… Read more

Tunisia - Number 34

Tunisian Christians face discrimination and targeting that is often hidden to the public eye. It affects their day -to-day lives. Because of their Christian identities, many experience job insecurity, abandonment from family, friends and even fiancés; they are victims of… Read more


Anyone can use Zoom free for up to 40 minutes. It is a great way to get a group of friends together for a face to face chat.

Hope For Better Days

Alison took this picture of flowers growing outside the church. You won’t be surprised to learn that the church grass is only being cut once a month now and weeding is not classed as essential work. Nevertheless, the riot of… Read more

Zoom Over for a Coffee

We are going to be having our first coffee after the service on Sunday morning. You should have time to put the kettle on, and make yourself a cup before clicking on the link which Raymond will be sending you… Read more

Treasurer Still Working Hard

Despite the upheaval of coronavirus, James continues to look after our finances. He is just about to submit our claim for Gift Aid to HMRC. The total claim for the General Fund will be just over £20,900. This is a… Read more