Open Doors – World Watch List 2023

At least 360 million Christians are facing persecution and discrimination – that’s one in every seven Christians on the planet. Across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America, millions of Christians risk everything, simply because they choose to believe…. Read more

Job Opportunity

Christ Church Swindon are planning to employ a part-time member of staff to assist with their social media, marketing, communications, fundraising, grant applications and event planning. If this sounds of interest to you, please let Raymond know and he will… Read more

Sermon Subjects in 2023

Just after I was ordained, my old RE teacher at school, Dr Caswall, took the trouble to write to me. He was a very committed Christian and there was a piece of advice he wanted to give. He advised me… Read more

News Round Up

1. We are delighted to announce that the Revd. Patrick Webb has been appointed to the parish of Parks and Walcot. He and his wife Verity-Rose are coming to Swindon with their three young children. They have a heart to… Read more

Communion Services

We are currently offering people the choice of receiving the wine directly from the chalice at communion services. We also offered the 9:00 o’clock members last week the opportunity to kneel down as we used to do pre-Covid. Normally these… Read more