Malaysia – No 41

As we have seen many times before, it is Christian believers from Muslim backgrounds who face the most severe persecution. Leaving Islam is illegal in almost every state. The government has a policy of favouring Malay and indigenous people in… Read more


Allan is our Parish Safeguarding Officer. As a former headteacher, he is well versed in safeguarding. Here are some points from his annual report to the PCC. In order to make sure that we are all up to speed with… Read more

Our Membership List

The Church Electoral Roll is being revised between Sunday 1st March and Wednesday 8th April. If you are a regular worshipper with us then it is right for you to be on the Electoral Roll. Please speak to Sharon, our… Read more

I Promise...

For many years, St John’s has had a strong reputation for sustained and generous giving. However, it only happens because everybody gets behind out Renewal of Giving. That is why we have sent each church member a Renewal of Giving… Read more