A New Logo for St John’s

We did not want to launch our new logo without a word of explanation. PCC has been debating this for quite some time and has run through very many versions of the original idea. First of all, we want to… Read more

Letter from Peter and Sally

Peter is Bishop of Paraguay and he and Sally are regular visitors to this church when they are in the UK. They were last with us a year ago, and have recently received our annual gift towards their work. They… Read more

Partners with Bible Society

Has Bible Society got a place in the modern world? There is not a single week in which it does not outsell all competitors by a very wide margin. Here are a few more breath-taking facts and figures. Bible Society distributed… Read more

Three Things PCC Members Do

They build stuff The most obvious area to point out is probably the fabric side. You will notice PCC organised a new car park this year. With Trevor Morton-Holmes taking the lead on that. There is also a major issue… Read more

April Prayer Meeting

The next church Prayer Meeting will be held in the Worship Area on Wednesday, 11th April 2018, from 8pm to 9pm, and will be led by Andy and Carol. Please put this in your diary and give high priority to… Read more

Focus on Leadership

Just Motoring Along Simply keeping a church on the road is not terribly difficult. You can run the Sunday services. You can keep your various midweek activities going. You can do something special from time to time. And you can… Read more

Tension Building

In two weeks time Andrew will be standing at the front, giving us his summary of the Renewal of Giving 2018. He will start with the bad news. And move on to the good. Sometimes, the good news comes in… Read more