Easter Is Coming Up

The Good Friday Walk of Witness This remains a very popular activity for the local churches on Good Friday. This year we will gather at St. Andrews Church on Moredon Road (SN25 3DF) for a 10am start. We will then… Read more

African Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

We have invited retiring offerings for this appeal on the last three Sundays and the total, received so far, is £1,408.49 (£1,714.36 including gift-aid tax to be recovered). At the meeting on Monday, PCC unanimously agreed to match these donations from… Read more

Rock Café Placeholder

Chair of the Rock Café

Viv is going to be giving up the role of Chair of the Rock Café from the end of May. We thank Viv for her leadership, vision and hard work. Viv helped to introduce number of important changes last September… Read more

From Red to Black?

Those of you who were not here last Sunday will want to know the result of the Renewal of Giving as announced at both services. Andrew reminded us, first of all, of the very difficult financial situation we were facing…. Read more

African Humanitarian Crisis

More than 16 million people across East Africa are facing terrifying food short ages. Drought has caused crops to fail and cattle to die in parts of Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya – leaving millions facing starvation and desperately seeking a… Read more

Safeguarding C1 Course

Karen from St Andrew’s has written to say “We have arranged for a C1 Safeguarding training course at Abbey House Care Home on Thurs 30 March at 7pm.” It is likely that we will have a few extra places available…. Read more

What Happened in Uganda?

Raymond and Shelley (sort of) are looking forward to telling the congregation know all about our Ugandan trip. We will be doing that on Monday, 10th April at 7:45pm pm using some professional photographs from Chris.

African Humanitarian Crisis

A few months ago I was at a meeting in which the severe effects of drought were mentioned as the initial signs of a potential humanitarian disaster. In Uganda, we heard many stories of lack of rain, and of farmers… Read more

Peter and Sally Bartlett

UPDATE: Peter and Sally Bartlett have written the following: Dear Everyone at St John’s, It was great to see you all two Sundays ago. Thank you for your warm welcome. Thank you very much for your generous donation of £1,693 in… Read more

Parish Boundary Changes

We wanted to make sure no one missed the important news last week about our parish area growing dramatically in size. We expect to be taking in large sections of North Swindon, east of Thamesdown Drive. We did not want… Read more