The End of an Era

Two people who have been on the receiving end of our giving over the years have been Peter and Sally Bartlett. Peter is Bishop of Paraguay and has been so for many years. Their long service years of service in… Read more

Practising What We Preach

Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”. So, for disciples of Jesus, money is fundamentally about giving not getting. The PCC believes it is important to set an example when it comes to giving. We cannot… Read more

The Plural of Disciple is Church

This morning we will be welcoming Roger Morgan from The Mathetes Trust. What exactly is The Mathetes Trust? This what they say about themselves on their website. The Plural of Disciple is Church Mathetes is the New Testament word for… Read more

Mercy Ships

Last week Bill told us about the extraordinary impact that the hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, was having around the world. At 9am we followed the moving story of a woman who saw her children for the first time as… Read more

Next Week…

Canon Roger Morgan of The Mathetes Trust will be at both services. His theme will be “The Holy Spirit” and there will be prayer ministry during and after each service.