Being a Christian in China: No 23

Open Doors estimates that there are around 97.2 million Christians in China! China is a huge country, with around 1.4 billion people so 97 million Christians only accounts for 7% of the total population! The goal of the Communist Party… Read more

Financial Update From Our Treasurer

James continues to monitor our financial progress in the current emergency. Income was the focus in our last bulletin. This week we look at expenditure? James writes: “Costs remain under close control. We are realising the savings allowed for in… Read more

The Stained Glass Window

Although PCC first agreed this window many months ago, Covid-19 intervened. We are delighted to report that the window is given by Jean in Andrew’s memory is now in place and looking very effective. It has yet to be officially… Read more

Triple Financial Blessing!!!

St John’s current treasurer, James, is dealing with problems Andrew never dreamed of. So he was delighted to receive a cheque out of the blue, for well over £2,000 from a member of a local church a few Sundays ago…. Read more

Bible Society in Lebanon

The staff in the Bible Society in Lebanon escaped injury in the enormous explosion there recently. It could have been much worse. In comparison with the thousands of people who have been made homeless, they feel they have escaped lightly…. Read more