Christ the Servant Abbey Meads

Members of the church of Christ the Servant have worked hard to keep their doors open, but have been discussing their future with the local Joint Council. Theirs is a very attractive building and still serves the community. However, the… Read more

Electoral Roll 2023

It is that time of the year again. Sharon is working on the revision of the Electoral Roll, our list of church members. We do this on an annual basis and the revision will take place between the 12th March… Read more

Parish Giving Scheme

Today we are going to be focusing on something new. The Parish Giving Scheme has been embraced by many churches up and down the country as a way of reducing the workload of the Treasurer, spreading our gift aid income… Read more

Christians Under Pressure

After last week’s light-hearted comments about fingernails, here is another, less amusing, story. Dabrina, whilst wearing the mandatory hijab in Iran, was arrested this week by the morality police for wearing …. nail varnish. According to the Iranian regime, Muslims… Read more

A Great Way to Read the Bible

The titles in the “For Everyone” series look like this. Matthew for Everyone Hebrews for Everyone Revelation for Everyone They cover every single book in the Bible. They were originally designed as guides to the New Testament for people who… Read more

The Filling Station

Next Collection Thursday, 23rd February between 5:15pm and 5:45pm. Mary will be in touch to let you know what to bring. New members are always welcome.

Safeguarding in St John’s

We are delighted to say that Brent has agreed to become our new Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO). We need one if we run children’s work. The diocese rang the other day and were delighted to hear about Brent taking up… Read more

PCC and the Future

This Tuesday our PCC will meet with Archdeacon Christopher Bryan and Mike Duff from Church Pastoral Aid Society. They will want to talk to us about how PCC can best go about the task of finding a new vicar. Our… Read more