Please tell us about yourself and your children so that we have important contact details and allergy information.


Please note under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, only relevant information will be available to the children’s leaders.  These forms will be stored securely and will not be available for public use. Data is stored in line with the Data Protection Policy

To be completed by the Parent / Guardian


Parent / Guardian’s Information

First Child
Second Child
Third Child
On occasion we would like to be able to take photos of the children in their groups so that we can show the fun we get up to and the kind of church we are by posting images on our social media channels or our website. Photos will be taken by a designated photographer and will take photos in line with our safeguarding policy and social media and website policy.

If you want to discuss any of this information please speak to Heather Vandamme, Head of Sunday School.

Thank you for your time.

St. John’s Children’s Leaders.