The Islamic Republic of Mauritania - No 24

It’s an all too familiar story. It’s illegal for Mauritanians to convert from Islam to Christianity. It’s seen as a betrayal of tribe and family. Christians in Mauritania often have to keep their faith completely secret. Ostracism from one’s family… Read more

Live 9am Services Over the Next Few Weeks

Raymond will lead the Communion Service on 26th July There will be no 9am service on 2nd August Sharon will lead Morning Prayer on 9th August Raymond will lead a Communion service on 16th August and on all following weeks.


Godfrey Kasana, an old friend of St John’s, is preaching online next Sunday. As Archdeacon he must cover a lot of miles on the beautiful but dangerous roads of rural Luweero. On a motor bike, it is far from safe…. Read more

How Did Sunday Go?

We had a good experience of worship in church last Sunday morning. It was so good to be back in the building once again, worshipping together. The previous service was just before Mothering Sunday. Talking with the congregation afterward, we… Read more

Future Services

Raymond will be on holiday for a couple of weeks in August. We are currently assessing the future pattern of services. So look out for more information in the bulletin next week. Sunday services online will continue every week at… Read more

Something To Make You Think

Revd Dr Catherine Okoronkwo from Ferndale in Swindon has just been made adviser to +Viv on racial justice. She spoke to our PCC a few weeks ago. Here are some books Cathy suggested we might like to read, We need… Read more

Car Accident

Godfrey’s son Enock has been in a serious car accident in Uganda. He was badly knocked about and has been in hospital for treatment. His father’s car is out of action. (Godfrey is going to be our preacher on August… Read more

Central African Republic No 25

Pastor Zoundji has been living in a tent for six years now – for the most part, without even the bare essentials, like soap. Muslim forces looted his home and ransacked his town, forcing him and the Christians there to… Read more

MOROCCO World Watch ranking: 26

Christians make up a tiny percentage of the population in Morocco – less than 0.1 per cent. Even this small number chiefly comprises expatriate believers. It’s illegal in Morocco to ‘shake the faith of a Muslim’. Christians who speak to… Read more