Jar of Grace

The idea behind the Jar of Grace is that you drop a few coins into a jar every time you say grace. If you still use real coins we will always be pleased to receive your jar in the New… Read more

Operation Christmas Child

For many years we have run our Shoebox Appeal. We do have flat pack boxes in church if you would like to pick one up. However, you will have to take it to The Entertainer yourself this year. We cannot… Read more

The Team in the Balcony

During every single service in St John’s, we have a team operating the technical equipment in the balcony. Without those people we would have no sound and no visuals. The computers do not operate themselves. Covid has, of course, reduced… Read more

Vacancy Coming Up!

In about a year and a half St John’s will have its first vacancy in over 30 years. This is not quite a record in the Diocese— but it is definitely up there. Clergy vacancies can be about nine months… Read more

Real Advent Calendar

People who think Christmas can’t happen this year because of a shortage of HGV drivers haven’t understood what Christmas is all about. For £4.50 you can buy a Real Advent Calendar for children or grandchildren. That will explain why we… Read more

Where Do We Need People to Help?

Multi Media Operator We use Media Shout 7 to display words, pictures and videos during the service. We will need people to operate that system. Young people as well as adults are involved. Sound Desk Operator This is slightly more… Read more

Real Advent Calendar

18 Advent Calendars for sale at £4.50 each. We want to share the message of hope, faith and love that is at the very heart of Christmas. The Real Advent Calendar allows us to do that. It includes a Christmas… Read more

James Wilks Communion - Sad News

For many years we have held a wonderful communion service in James Wilks House once a month on a Wednesday afternoon. The James Wilks residents were joined by a number of church members from the neighbourhood. Bishop Viv was a… Read more

Online or In Person?

If you’re worshipping remotely, you don’t get to hear John playing the drums, nor meet your friends face to face. But, then again, you wear what you want, have an easier start to Sunday, and don’t have to worry about… Read more

Harvest Gifts

Rather than spread our gifts too thinly this year, we made the decision to focus on The Filling Station. Swindon Food Collective have so much food they only want hygiene and cleaning products this year. In this respect, they are… Read more

Last Sunday

We appreciated people going to sit downstairs when they arrived in church last week. We opened the balcony in the end, but only when it was necessary and in a way that meant we could control that number of people… Read more