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Here at St John’s our aim is to see an ancient faith lived out in a modern world. For us, Jesus is not just a person in history, but is alive today and active in Swindon by his Holy Spirit. We aim, not just to read the New Testament, but to bring it to life.

The Bible has a message for today. “There is hope.” We invite you to find it with us.


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We have all the information you need to know about us, our faith and the community.

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Homegroup Buffet


We encourage church members to meet regularly in each others’ homes for prayer and Bible study.

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Chris and Sally in Uganda


We have strong links with Uganda and enjoy cultural exchanges with churches we sponsor.

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The Islamic Republic of Mauritania - No 24

It’s an all too familiar story. It’s illegal for Mauritanians to convert from Islam to Christianity. It’s seen as a betrayal of tribe and family. Christians in Mauritania often have to keep their faith completely secret. Ostracism from one’s family… Read more

Live 9am Services Over the Next Few Weeks

Raymond will lead the Communion Service on 26th July There will be no 9am service on 2nd August Sharon will lead Morning Prayer on 9th August Raymond will lead a Communion service on 16th August and on all following weeks.