Notes from the APCM

Treasurer’s Report James described the state of the church accounts as at the 31st of December 2021. We had ended the year in a slightly better position than he had forecast a year ago. He also gave thanks for this… Read more

Are You a Handy Man?

There are lots of little jobs around the church that need doing from time to time, like changing lightbulbs and posters etc. We are really grateful to Chris, Tony and Allan for their help with these things, but would like… Read more

Please join us to Pray

We will be holding a prayer meeting in the Quiet Room at Church, this coming Thursday, 5th May at 7:30pm. Please do come and join us in praying for Raymond, our Church and the wider world.

A Message from David and Viv

A Prayer Day for Renewal is being held by Resource on the 6th July 10am-4pm at The Harnhill Centre 0f Christian Healing. The day’s focus will be times of prayer both liturgical and informal – bringing before God our desire… Read more

APCM: April 25th @ 7:30 pm

This Years APCM is being held in church on Monday, 25th April at 7:30pm. Please do make every effort to attend if you can. As well as voting for our two Churchwardens for the coming year, there are several PCC… Read more

40 Cities Tour with LICC

Paul and Ruth Woolley were members of St John’s for several years. Paul was a founding member of Theos, a Christian think-tank which stimulated debate on issues in society. When they were with us, he was helping to lead Bible… Read more

Good Friday - Walk of Witness

This year The Good Friday United Walk of Witness will start at 10 am at The Hub (opposite the library on The Orbital) and move to an open-air service outside St John’s at 10:30am. Our musicians will lead the worship… Read more

Prayer Ministry

Like so many things in our church life, Prayer Ministry fell victim to Covid. We want to restore that ministry to our Sunday services. We learn through the sermons. We worship in the songs. We intercede for the world in… Read more

Out of The Ashes

Out of the Ashes is the creation of a pioneering husband and wife team from Gloucestershire – Penny Lyon and Kevin Washburn. They will be performing with at least a six piece band accompanying them. They perform Jazz, R&B and… Read more