Spring Has Arrived

This time last year we were putting photographs in the bulletin showing what people were up to in the lockdown. Most of us were outside trying to stay cool. That is not a problem we have had to worry much… Read more

Penhill Community Church

It is ten years exactly since the depressing picture opposite appeared in the Adver. under the headline, “Penhill Church windows broken 28 times in two months.” What hope was there for change? Well—wind the clock on one decade and there… Read more

What Is Coming Up?

Over the next two weeks we will be thinking about the pandemic one year on. The two sermons will be: This Time Last Year – 18th April Why Couldn’t He Have Done Something? – 25th April After that we will… Read more

What Happened?

Good Friday It was really cold but a spiritually uplifting experience to be outside and singing on the morning of Good Friday. This picture gives you an idea of the social distancing. However, there were a lot of us spread… Read more

Next Sunday - April 11th

The Sunday after Easter is often called “Low Sunday”. It gets its nickname from the contrast between what would normally be a quiet Sunday and the celebration of Easter that took place just seven days before. On this Sunday we… Read more

Choosing Our Next PCC

Our APCM will be Monday, 24th May  at 7:30pm. That is when we will choose both new PCC members and our representatives for Deanery Synod. Please pray about those places. One of them might be yours.