Afghanistan - Country No 2

Open Doors tell us that it’s very hard to know precisely how many Christians there are in Afghanistan, because they must keep their faith completely secret – but it is only a small number from a population of over 38… Read more

Young People and Children

Our children’s leaders met last week to discuss the future and make sure we are in the right position to meet the future when our 11am service is able to re-open properly and all restrictions are finally lifted. There is… Read more

Mentioned in Despatches

Someone recently expressed gratitude for the support that Lesley and Jean are giving. She commented on how “they supply a lifeline of messages, poems and music” in their regular emails to the members of the Monday homegroup. It is good… Read more

Something to Make You Smile

J John is known for his spirituality and his faith. He is also famous for his inexhaustible fund of one-liners. It’s half term, and things are quieter. So let’s look at some examples of his sense of humour. Choosing Hymns… Read more

The New Alpha Course

What does an Alpha video look like? Some of us will have no real idea. Some might remember the former Alpha Course which involved Nicky Gumbel preaching at HGB for 45 minutes. It is not like that any more. We… Read more

Country No 3 - Somalia

Sadly, there is nothing whatever to smile about here. From a population of over 16 million, it’s estimated that there are only a few hundred Christians in Somalia. It is impossible to publicly admit your Christian faith in Somalia, and ‘church… Read more

Swindon DLT

The Deanery Leadership Team has the task of helping the Area Dean lead the churches in the Swindon Deanery. David was reelected to the DLT last week in an important year in the life of the diocese as we embark… Read more

J John

J John’s Word for Today is always good to listen to on YouTube. You will be hearing more of them. He talks about a word in just one minute. It is amazing how much inspiration he can pack in there.

Libya - Country Number 4

There is no freedom of speech, no freedom of religion, and no possibility of public church life in Libya. The tiny number of Libyan Christians from a Muslim background face violent and intense pressure from their family and the wider community… Read more

Easy Access to PCC Policies

It may not sound very exciting but governance is something churches just have to be good at. As a PCC we have 16 policies, some of which affect the lives of congregation members more than others. But how do you… Read more