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Week 4 done! Surgeries began for the first time on Tuesday. That was preceded by Dr Gary Parker using the PA system to pray across the whole ship. Each department begins the day with a meeting for prayer and to… Read more

Changes to Marriage Law

All kinds of things have been circulating on the Internet and in the papers concerning upcoming alterations to the marriage service. Much has yet to be agreed. We do know a few things for certain. Firstly, the legislation will provide… Read more

Challengers All At Sea

We are getting closer to the weekend of October 4th –6th. Not only will there be two Uganda Fire events, but the Challengers will be going to their lightship. We really appreciate the generous support of so many church members—and… Read more

Uganda Fire

Saturday, 5th October @ St Francis school at 10am— Uganda Fire for kids Saturday, 5th October @ St Michael Highworth at 7pm — Swindon Worship Event The first event is free. The second is £5 which will help to pay for… Read more