A Law That Will Not Be Passed

Other things have been happening in the political world recently apart from Brexit. The government announced last week that revolutionary new plans for a “porn block” to stop children viewing adult material online have been dropped. The long-delayed measure –… Read more

Uganda— what is the future?

Our Ugandan Visitors have returned home. The Uganda Fire Choir will be bringing their time in England to a close this week, having spent over twelve days in the Bristol diocese, singing in two different venues—and occasionally three— on many… Read more

Light Party at Halloween

This is a sign in event. You can find the details of how to register in advance on the invitations in the foyer or on this page. There is no point in just disapproving of Trick or Treat. We want… Read more

Bill’s Blog

This week has been quite different because my boss has been off sick. He usually organises the work loads for each of us in the department. Monday was a bit awkward, but we managed to get organised and divided the… Read more

Light Party at Halloween

This is an event you have to book for online. At the time of writing 42 people were already booked in. Make sure you go onto bit.ly/LParty to add your names for this family event. I think it is fair… Read more

Challengers’ Weekend Away

A huge THANK YOU to everyone, for your support for this venture – financially, by attending our fundraising events and in prayer. It was a great time away with a wonderful group of young people. We will be sharing a… Read more

Uganda Fire

Chris has been managing the sound for the eleven member music group we know as Uganda Fire. Swindon officially handed the group over to Bristol on Tuesday but they asked Chris if he could stay with them for the whole… Read more

Senior’s Christmas Lunch

Senior’s Christmas Lunch will be on Saturday, 30th November this year. Volunteers for food and also for helping on the day needed. Sign up forms are on the table in the hall for attending, and also for signing up for… Read more

Bill’s Blog - Week 6

Africa Mercy is feeling like a home away from home. I know almost every part and thankfully I can get to pretty much anywhere first time. Sometimes not the most direct route….but I get there! It’s been a mixed week… Read more