PCC Vision Day

Two hours simply fly by at a PCC meeting. That is not the vicar being sarcastic. It is a fact. By the time we have done matters arising, discussed the minutes of last meeting, listened to the treasurer’s report, ratified… Read more


Billy Graham, had a profound impact upon the church in Britain. We are all familiar with his invitation to “Get up out of your seat” as he called people to discover new life in Christ. That kind of instant conversion… Read more

St Francis Day

There are lots of legends about St Francis of Assisi. “There was even a time when St. Francis is said to have quieted a flock of noisy birds that were interrupting a religious ceremony! Much to the wonder of all… Read more

St John’s Craft Club

This is really going strong with four new people coming in on Wednesday. Lots of people with the same hobby get together to chat and sew / knit / crochet and even make Christingles! Catherine is the person to contact… Read more

Too Good to be True?

Until December only The Ecclesiatical Insurance Company will give St John’s £130 every time someone takes out home insurance with them. So when your home insurance policy is due for renewal, why not obtain a quote from the Ecclesiastical? To… Read more

The Alpha Banner

A big thank you to the Hawkes brothers, who spent quite a lot of Monday morning up a ladder attaching the Alpha course banner to the church. We want to promote this widely, because it really is a great course…. Read more

News of Other Congregations

Rodbourne Cheney Baptist Church (RCBC) Paul Rhodes, minister at Rodbourne Cheney Baptist Church (RCBC) conducted his final service last week. On Monday he started work with Barnabas Fund, an organisation dedicated to supporting persecuted Christians around the world. No immediate… Read more