Remembrance Sunday - Next Week

There has been a lot of work behind the scenes this year to produce some great new ideas for our Service of Remembrance next week. Members of the congregation have come together to produce a version of the hymn, “O… Read more

Big Thank You to Libby

Most of us have not been in church for months. Many of us don’t ever see the inside of the building. However, one person is in church every single week keeping it clean and safe for us and for our… Read more

Kenneth Allsopp & Billy Graham

Raymond was just a couple of decades out last week. The interview between Kenneth Allsopp and Billy Graham mentioned in the sermon last Sunday took place in 1966 and not 1984! Mr Allsopp died in 1973, and his interview with… Read more

Good News Story

Sadly, Doris, is suffering from macular degeneration which affects the sight. This makes reading her Bible really difficult. Andy has long been trying to sort out a Bible App for Doris. There were problems along the way but he persevered… Read more

More From the PCC

PCC spent some time at our last meeting focusing on the twin issues of diversity and inclusion. We began by watching a YouTube interview by Ben Lindsay the author of “We need to talk about race.” You can find the… Read more

Iraq - Open Doors Watchlist No 15

Although Islamic State (IS) have lost territory in Iraq, their ideology remains. Militants have simply blended back into the general population. Coronavirus is having a significant impact on the Middle East. Many believers, who were already vulnerable, have lost their… Read more

Making a Difference

If you look on the St John’s Facebook page you will see that we are signposting a clothing sale for charity which Charmain is running. There are lots of sale items. All you have to do is go to Facebook… Read more

Another Learning Curve!

We aim to bring the 11am service back in November. Our aim is Remembrance Sunday. That service will also appear online in the normal way. In other words it will be pre-recorded. We will then have a week off to… Read more

Back on the Road

Archdeacon Godfrey Kasana and his wife Harriet are extraordinarily generous people. Having stayed with the family in their home in Uganda it was a joy to be able to help them in a recent crisis. You can see some of… Read more