This October we are hosting an Alpha Course; a series of interactive sessions giving everyone the opportunity to explore their own questions about life, faith and God.

Our introductory session on 25th October asks the question “Is there more to life than this?“.

What is Alpha?

Alpha is run all around the world and involves food, a talk and discussion to provide a place to explore the Christian faith. We have plenty of invitations to give away, so why not come along and bring a friend too? Everyone is welcome!

AlphaWhen & Where

Thursday 25th October

Every Thursday
(until December)

St John’s Haydon Wick,
Swindon, SN25 1QP

See below for all dates and session topics



Thursday, 25th October 7:30pm
Is there more to life than this?

Thursday, 8th November 7:30pm
Who is Jesus?

Thursday, 15th November 7:30pm
Why did Jesus die?

Thursday, 22nd November 7:30pm
How can I have faith?

Thursday, 29th November 7:30pm
Why and how should I pray?

Thursday, 6th December 7:30pm
Why and how should I read the Bible?

Future Sessions – dates to be determined

How can I resist evil?
Who Is The Holy Spirit and What Does He Do?
How Can I Be Filled with The Holy Spirit?’
How Can I make the most of the rest of my life?’
Why and how should I tell others?
Does God heal today?
What about the church?

Have more questions?

What do others think?