The Bible Course

The Bible Course has gone extremely well in its first week. Our aim is to try to keep all our groups in step with each other all the way through, bearing in mind that there are two prayer meetings in… Read more

New Electoral Roll

This year, according to the Church of England Representation Rules, all Churches are required to prepare a New Electoral Roll. This means that everyone wishing to be on St. John’s Electoral roll, whether they are on the current roll or… Read more

African Worship

On Sunday, 10th February, we hope to have our own morning of African worship. Grace will be bringing a team together to give us a taste of Africa at the 11am service that day. It will be a day of… Read more

50 years Together

Bristol diocese and the church in Uganda are celebrating this year’s which has lasted for no less than 50 years. We received new direction when Chris Dobson, who many of us have met, arrived in Bristol to take up a… Read more

The “Orphanage” Business

Cracking down on abuse Radio 4 last week transmitted a programme from Uganda. The Ugandan Government has taken the lead in the closing down “orphanages” which fraudulently extract money from churches and charitable organisations across the world. Many children in… Read more

The Bible Course: This Week

We are about to launch “Bible Course”. This is a new initiative by Bible Society to help us get the big picture of the Scriptures. It will help you know exactly where people like Daniel, Joseph, Aaron, David and Isaiah… Read more

Coffee at 9am

We are looking for some extra people to serve coffee after the service at 9am and be on the rota. If you can help, let Catherine know.