Guest Preacher on Sunday

Raymond is having a break next week. Bishop Lee will be preaching for us on Sunday morning. This will be Pentecost. Paul has arranged for those not online to listen to the Sunday sermon by ringing 01793 378007. This number… Read more

Tajikistan - No 30

It’s an all too familiar story. Sunni Islam is the official religion of Tajikistan, and Islam is seen as part of the Tajik identity. Leaving Islam is a betrayal. Protestant churches are seen as alien sects that aim to undermine… Read more

How is Bishop Lee Doing?

“I have been overwhelmed by the cards, letters and messages of support which I have received since my accident in January. It has made such a difference. Yesterday I received a letter from the orthopaedic surgeon who saw me, confirming… Read more

Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come is 10 days of prayer, from 21st to 31st May, which many churches across the world take part in. Prayer is always important, but the current pandemic may give us more of a desire to call out… Read more

Nepal - No 32

Many Nepalese see leaving the Hindu faith of their ancestors as a betrayal. Christians face opposition from family, community and local authorities. Extremist Hindu groups aim to turn Nepal into a Hindu state again, and churches and hospitals have been… Read more

What About Holy Communion?

We very much miss not being able to take Holy Communion together. Next week is the third Sunday of the month— the Sunday we would normally share this sacrament. We cannot come to table as we used to but we… Read more

Jordan - No 33

As in ancient Rome, Christians from Muslim backgrounds must meet together in underground churches. They may be physically attacked, arrested or lose custody of their children. And yet, the small number of believers from Muslim backgrounds is growing! What courage!… Read more

PCC on Zoom

James presented us with an outline of our financial position. He has no crystal ball but give us three possible scenarios for the future. The lockdown could have a low impact on our finances, a medium impact or a high… Read more

From next Wednesday

From next Wednesday, Andy is going to start projecting the liturgy on to the screen in the same way as he does the readings and the songs. We hope this will help to keep the service flowing and make it… Read more

What about Holy Communion?

Anglican practice is to receive bread and wine from the hands of the vicar. However, the C.of E. is, a very broad church and there are a wide variety of theological positions within it. Raymond has spoken to the Archdeacon… Read more