Live Streaming

Thank you so much for the warm responses and emails I received after last week’s service. It was great to hear how much you enjoyed it. However, I can take no credit for the live streaming. Mike’s efforts and expertise… Read more

Children’ Work and Covid

We have re-started our children’s work. Although it is much smaller than before the pandemic, we are off the ground. We currently have just got two groups running but we will still need two more people to act as assistants… Read more

Orchid Care Home

The staff play four hymns. The residents sing. The leader welcomes everyone, reads from the Bible and says a few words about the passage and leads prayers. It means an enormous amount to those who gather. Could you lead a… Read more

LLF and Our Moral Values

As we saw on the previous page, the whole point of the Old Testament Law was to make sure that Israel did not get its moral values from the behaviour and practices of the nations around them. “You shall not… Read more

New Seating Arrangements

In order to keep everyone as safe as possible during the pandemic, we may need to direct you to specific seats , especially as 11am approaches. This is for everyone’s safety. It might mean that those who would like to… Read more

Something to Celebrate

The Church of England’s National Giving Team was created to promote good financial stewardship in parishes and congregations across the country. This summer it initiated a Generosity Learning Hub. Their task was to provide resources for preaching and teaching on… Read more