Foodbank Donations

We’re looking for someone from our congregation who would be willing to take the Foodbank donations that build up in the foyer to the Foodbank Warehouse next to Bible Society once or twice a month. If you have a car… Read more

The Church Electoral Roll

The Church Electoral Roll will be revised between Sunday 18th February and Wednesday 11th April. If you are a regular worshiper with us we would love to have you on the Electoral Roll. For more details and an application form,… Read more

We’ve done it!!

This week we passed out Jar of Grace target of £4,000! Thank you to all whose gifts have made this magnificent total possible. So far we have received 78 Jars/gifts with a total to date of £4,138 (including Gift Aid… Read more

The Real Easter Egg

Of the 80 million Easter eggs sold in Britain every year, The Real Easter Egg is the only one which has a copy of the Easter story in the box. It is made of Fairtrade chocolate. The difference the Fairtrade… Read more

It Takes Two

You may have noticed that marriage is not always easy! Juggling work, family life, finances and a host of other issues means that building a vibrant and lasting relationship can sometimes be challenging. It Takes Two is an event for… Read more

Tear Fund: Our Donation Doubled

We have just learned some very exciting news. This is the start of Tearfund’s 50th year. Under the Tearfund Match Giving Appeal every pound we donate will be doubled by our government. This means that our gift this year will… Read more

We’re getting closer!

We are getting closer to our Jar of Grace target of £4,000. So far we have received 68 Jars/gifts with a total to date of £3,802 (including Gift Aid tax refunds) so we have exceeded last year’s final total of… Read more

An Ecclesiastical give-away

To celebrate its 130th Anniversary of insuring Anglican churches, the Ecclesiastical (who insure our church at St. John’s) is offering to donate £130 to our church each time a new home insurance policy is taken out by someone in our… Read more

Keep them Coming!

The total of JARS/gifts received so far is 61. The total to date is £3,540 (including Gift Aid tax refunds to come) so we have passed last year’s final total of £3,531 from 73 Jars/gifts. Every penny raised is shared… Read more

Double Whammy!

Last week, we announced some news that could hardly be called a secret. The lounge floor has started to sink downwards. That had become obvious to everybody who went in there. Gareth Morris has kindly taken on responsibility for this… Read more