Holy Communion

Last week, during the communion service at 11am we offered the chalice to members of the 11am congregation for the first time since March 2020. It was received by ten people. We will continue to offer the common cup in… Read more

Three Thank Yous

Sanyu Babies’ Home Uganda “I am glad to inform you that we received your donation of £284. Thank you so much for your kind donation and we send our appreciation to the entire congregation.” The Filling Station “Very many thanks… Read more

Prayer for The Future

The period between the former vicar leaving and the new vicar arriving is normally known as the vacancy. The term “interregnum” is not considered helpful. The length of a vacancy is dependent on a number of factors but, in practice,… Read more

Christmas Cards

For the first time since 2019, we will put out the Christmas Card boxes. For those who do not remember this, we place boxes on the tables in the foyer so that you can put your cards in them in… Read more

Well Being and Shepherd’s Pie

The theme at this Week’s Hong Kong Welcome Course was “Well-being”. That is something which is important to everyone, but especially important if you have just moved to a new country, are learning a new language, are putting your children… Read more

A Day to Celebrate

After the seven baptisms last Sunday morning, it was wonderful to see ten candidates going forward in the afternoon to be confirmed by Bishop Lee at Malmesbury Abbey. It was a beautiful setting for the service. Much of the Abbey… Read more

Congratulations Craft Club

A number of people have decided this year to make use, once again, of the opportunity to donate to Samaritans Purse via the Internet. However, The Craft Club really wanted to make it personal. Last Sunday, Bridget tells me no… Read more