Limited Re-Opening Of Churches

PCC will be considering on Monday the issues around opening the church for: Private Prayer Funerals and weddings Services of worship. Worship services must be conducted without singing and with strict social distancing in place. This would appear to rule… Read more

Your Envelope Giving

Some of those who give by envelope have switched to direct debit because of the challenges of CV19. Others tell me they have a little pile of envelopes building up and would like to know what they can do with… Read more

Qatar No 27 - World Cup Hosts 2022

There are only 367,000 Christians in Qatar, most of whom are migrant workers helping the country to prepare for the World Cup. The state religion is a conservative form of Islam. Qatari citizens are by definition Muslims; leaving Islam is… Read more

Lynda - Thank You From Us All

St John’s was built in 1981. But Lynda was involved in Pram Club even before that! How is that possible? She was worshipping in the former St John’s which was a pre-fab near Emmanuel church, set up by St Mary’s… Read more

Unthinkable A Year Ago

Members of the Bristol Uganda Link will be meeting on Thursday for Prayer on Zoom along with Christians from Luweero and Kampla. Our first ever joint prayer meeting! I am hoping that Revd Godfrey Kasana will be able to preach… Read more

Music Group ...How is it done?

Playing Last week we had ta variety of musicians all playing the same song from four different homes. And yet they all kept in time with each other. “So ….How is it done?” It works like this: The leader plays… Read more

Does Online Alpha Actually Work?

It works brilliantly. One thing we have learned is that the Holy Spirit is not constrained by Zoom. We are currently about three quarters of the way through the current Alpha course and it has been a marvellous experience for… Read more

Someone to Celebrate

For most St John’s members, the name Lynda is synonymous with Pram Club. Even Raymond cannot remember a time when Lynda was not running it. And he goes back to a time when we had no balcony, no soft chairs,… Read more

The Parish Office Administrator

The sound of popping champagne corks will soon be heard in Furlong Close! Catherine, our administrator, will be returning to regular work from July. It will probably just be for Friday morning as the level of administration required is inevitably… Read more

Holy Communion Service

Don’t forget that it is Holy Communion this Sunday. We invite you all to have your bread and wine ready at home. +Viv is happy for us to consume at home as an emergency measure. We won’t continue once the… Read more

Smart Move from Peter Eastwood

We see that our former church warden, Peter won The Times Chess Competition last week. They gave him a little exclamation mark which is chess speak for, “Really good move, not easy to find.” Congratulations Peter! Good to see that… Read more

New Developments for Churches

What is the latest position as regards services? Weddings Sadly, the news for those hoping to get married this summer is not good. Not even small weddings—limited to about 10 people—are allowed to take place. Baptisms Only emergency baptisms may… Read more