As well as supporting projects in Swindon, we also believe we can make a difference by praying, giving and getting involved in work elsewhere in the UK and, indeed, the world.

Peter and Sally Bartlett

CMS – Peter & Sally Bartlett in Paraguay

Peter and Sally are CMS mission partners living and working in Paraguay. They previously served in Bolivia from 1992 to 2005 where they established the congregation of Cristo el Salvador. They then spent three years at Parr St Peter’s in the diocese of Liverpool. Peter became the Anglican bishop of Paraguay at the invitation of the diocese’s leaders and was consecrated on 29 March 2009.

We support Peter and Sally financially. Our mission team keeps the congregation in regular touch with what Peter and Sally are doing, and what God is doing through them.

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Albanian Bibles

Bible Society – Translation of Bible into Albanian

Soon after the Communist regime fell in 1991, the founders of the Albanian Bible Society launched its greatest project – to make an accurate, contemporary version of the Bible available to the Albanian people in their own language. The New Testament was published in 1992, and work still continues on the Old. With an Albanian Bible translator as a member of our congregation, we have supported this work for several years.

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Laughing Young People

Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS)

CPAS helps Anglican churches in Britain to present the good news of Jesus Christ. They provide leadership training, equip churches with resources, run holidays for 8 to18 year-olds and, when a vicar leaves, help churches find the right clergy for them.

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Interested Children


Tearfund is a Christian charity, working in 50 of the world’s poorest countries. They are passionate about ending poverty, rebuilding poor communities, and allowing people to reach their full potential.

Tearfund has had over 40 years of responding to world disasters, be they floods, earthquakes, tsunamis or food crises. So when there’s a disaster in the world, we channel our offerings through Tearfund.

As well as this, we often send our Christmas donations to Tearfund’s work with vulnerable children around the world.

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Luweero Map

Church of Uganda - Luweero Diocese

All Anglican churches in Swindon are linked with Kampala and Luweero dioceses in Uganda. For St John’s, this link came alive in 1996 when we received a visit from Bishop Evans Kisekka, the Bishop of Luweero. When we heard his story, we wanted to help.

To begin with, we saw the link in terms of us giving money to Uganda. Over the years our view has changed. Through many reciprocal visits, we have built lasting relationships with people from Luweero. They have even made visits to Britain to help us share our faith in Christ here.

Bwaziba School

Bwaziba School

Our greatest contribution has been to help the people of Bwaziba in the building of a primary school. Church members and parents had the vision but lacked the resources. Six years later, the school was not only built, mainly by parents and local people, but is constantly expanding.

Our financial commitment to the school continues. Most recently the school has been able to cover the mud floor in several classrooms with proper flooring.

Swindon Uganda Deanery Link

Here are the latest newsletters from Swindon Uganda Deanery Link:

Busoga Water Trust Well Building

Busoga Water Trust

The Busoga Trust provides sustainable access to safe water, improved sanitation and comprehensive hygiene and health education to the communities in rural Uganda.

Since 1983 they have constructed over 2,000 water sources in Uganda and are very proud their first well is still pumping clean, accessible water today.

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Kiwoko Hospital

Kiwoko Hospital

We have also been able to provide equipment for a premature baby unit in the hospital at Kiwoko – a community-based hospital near Luweero, which aims to glorify Jesus and impart a definite Christian witness to the area. The message painted on the outside of their building for all to see is: We treat: Jesus heals. Opened in 1991, their basic work hasn’t changed – still providing holistic healthcare to the poor and vulnerable by being Christ-centred in all they do.

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Sanyu Babies Home

Sanyu Babies Home

Sanyu Babies’ Home – the ‘Home of Joy’ is located on Namirembe Hill, just below St Paul’s Cathedral, overlooking Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Founded by a midwife and CMS missionary Winifred Milnes-Walker, for over 80 years the Home has had a devoted team of people working to make the lives of abandoned children worth living. Sanyu Babies’ Home is administered by a Board of Governors as a voluntary organisation under the auspices of Namirembe Diocese – Anglican Church of Uganda.

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We also support many local charities and projects