Diversity at St John’s.

We try to keep our worship contemporary and accessible. You will find a wide variety of ages and nationalities in St. John’s on a Sunday morning – and we want everyone to feel included. Here is just one example.

Friends from other churches

We have a number of long-standing members from Kenya, and a couple of years ago they invited friends from other churches to bring us the rhythms, vibrancy, colour and passion of African worship.

Kenyan Food

Music was just one part of the day. Members of the choir prepared traditional Kenyan food to add to the experience.  Many of our congregation have been to Uganda where we still have strong links, so the songs, the food and the traditional dress brought back very happy memories of worshipping on the Equator.

So what has happened since?

That was a couple of years ago.  So what has happened since?

Today, two of the singers in our own music group were born in Africa. In recent weeks you would have encountered lines sung in Swahili – or even Cantonese – in the morning service. The “African” worship service has borne fruit in ways we did not anticipate. It has become part of who we are – a diverse and international congregation.