Church Facelift

If you have been in church recently you will notice that some rooms have been redecorated. The murals on the walls in the Crèche still need touching up. We are grateful to Liz who has volunteered to do this for… Read more

We’ve Started Again - Now Where?

The 11am service is back. This morning we will be enjoying our third Sunday inside the building. Live worship is wonderful. We can best exercise love towards each other by respecting other church members, especially those who may wish to… Read more

A New General Synod in November

Why Does This Deserve a Whole Page? General Synod is the legislative body of the Church of England. Together with Parliament, it is the only body in the land which is entitled to make national law. Measures passed by the… Read more

Plastering and Decorating

A Big Thanks to Trevor and the FF&G for organising the plastering and decorating of the Church Room, Lounge and Kitchen which has now been completed. When the sinking floor in the Lounge was finally sorted, we thought it would… Read more

Living In Love and Faith

In the excitement over same-gender dancing in Strictly this year, you may have missed the news that The Methodist Church became the largest religious denomination in Britain to permit same-sex marriages. A vote to change the definition of marriage at… Read more

The Closure of Honda

Production at the Honda plant in Swindon has ceased. The road to closure was never going to be an easy one. We remember both those employed directly and third parties. We remember those who are seeking to find their future,… Read more

Budget Under Control

James, our treasurer, recently wrote to the PCC: Here is a short extract. “July was remarkably close to the original budget for the month. It’s great to see all our income lines very close to budget. Costs are similarly in… Read more