St John’s has several homegroups who meet to study the Bible and pray together, either in the daytime or in the evenings. We recognise that meeting other Christians regularly in a small group is one of the best ways of deepening our faith in Jesus and forming strong relationships with other members of the church family.

We often study the same Bible book in homegrops that is being preached about on a Sunday morning.That has led us over the years into some unusual places like Leviticus, Ecclesiastes and Revelation. Sometimes all the groups come together. Last year we watched the LICC course “Life on the Frontline” together in church.

The groups have a variety of different venues, often meeting in one another’s homes, occasionally in one of the church rooms and also via Zoom.

Our most recent theme has been the new DVD series “Jesus the Gamechanger”. Its aim was to open our eyes to the impact of Jesus in the modern world. We don’t always see the influence Christ has had on our daily life in Britain.This DVD opened our eyes.

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