Tony Considers Islam

Muslims from North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia were present in London in the 16th Century, working as translators and diplomats. Today, Islam is the second largest religious group in the UK. I wonder how much we know… Read more

An Experiment with the Balcony

Our PCC agreed to close the balcony on two Sundays in the summer to see what that felt like. Numbers are inevitably smaller and to divide the congregation in two on those days does not make a lot of sense…. Read more

The Balcony

Inevitably, because of holidays, congregations are smaller in August. This can sometimes mean that the reduced congregation is divided evenly between the balcony and the main worship area. It means that people can be spread very thinly throughout the church,… Read more

St Francis Day

St Francis School used to have a small service meeting there once a month. Once the parish was split in half, there were not enough people to make that viable. However, we have led a Christingle their last December and… Read more


PCC has passed or ratified a number of policies. Our intention is that they should go on the website. However, Catherine can help you if you would like to see one on paper. The following areas were considered on Monday… Read more

Kids in Summer

As ever, we will not be running children’s groups during the summer holiday. This year three of our holiday services will be All Age and three will not. Normally, there are not too many children in church during the first… Read more

The Computer: Media Shout

Thanks to the magic of Skype and the ability of the Media Shout technicians in Nashville Tennessee to remotely take over our computer here in Haydon Wick, all our IT problems have now finally been resolved. Our hope is that… Read more

It’s All About the Crew…

Please don’t throw out your brochure “It’s Not about the Pilot”. Every church member should have received one by the middle of this week. Just before the summer holidays is the last time of the year I would think issuing… Read more


Tony has been looking at Islam as part of his course, and has conducted an interview with a member of our local mosque. Islam is the second biggest religious group in this country. But know much do we really know… Read more

The computer: The Saga Continues

The computer that operates the TV screens is working well.. However, when it comes to presentation, we can only get any three of our four screens to operate. (The fourth is the monitor used by the operator.) That is why… Read more