Christingle Last Sunday

Christingle this year was really something. We were thinking about “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” and about the life of C S Lewis. The magnificent backdrop, complete with a frozen forest in Narnia, the lamppost where Lucy meets… Read more

Christmas Services in St John’s

The names “Hogwarts, Narnia, Middle Earth and the Land of Oz” bring back a lot of happy memories. Of the four authors involved in helping children enter another world, two were Christian believers—C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien…. Read more

Orchid Care Home

We are delighted to be able to be able to hold a weekly service in Orchid Care Home, thanks to church members. Simon and David and Viv have joined Raymond in taking services there. We get a very warm welcome… Read more

Chirldren’s Work Next Week

Next week is Christingle in the afternoon. We have found in the past that children tend to come to the afternoon service rather than to the morning on that day. That is difficult for children’s leaders. They prepare a lesson… Read more

Blue Curtain Blues

Rod has tracked down a company who will repair our curtain rail and replace it with something considerably more robust. It is an “acoustic curtain” designed to improve the sound inside the worship area. We are hoping this will be… Read more