Last Saturday's Family Fun Day

We need to praise God for last Saturday’s remarkable attendance at the Family Fun Day. This was largely due to Pram Club parents bringing their children along. It is a great testimony to the relationship building that has been going… Read more

The Swindon Food Collective

This coming Thursday, (28th) will be hearing from Dr Clare Collier of the Swindon Food Collective at Lydiard Millicent School. Claire has taken over all the Swindon Food Bank vehicles and started again. But, trust in those who manage food… Read more

Joining a Homegroup

If you would like to join a home group please speak to one of the leaders or contact Andy or Carol (c/o the Parish office), who oversee homegroups.

Noah’s Ark Afloat

If you are reading this online on Friday, then do please make sure that you pray for the Family Fun Day, organised by Lesley and her team. We will provide some pictures on Sunday of the extraordinary puppet theatre designed… Read more

Follow up on The Shack

Raymond was writing enthusiastically about “The Shack” last week. This is an extraordinarily ambitious book. (Do not watch the movie. It gets one star.) The Shack is grounded in the events of Good Friday and Easter, so don’t be surprised… Read more

African Worship

We had a wonderful celebration here last week, when members of the congregation joined with their friend, Brother Daniel from Gateway. In fact, I think we can narrow it down, and say it was Kenyan worship. We want to say… Read more

Simon and Sally in Uganda

Please keep Simon and Sally in your prayers. On Sunday, they will be basking in temperatures rather warmer than ours. They are definitely going to be doing some work while they are there. This trip is about people involved in… Read more

Beatrice Nansamba

Beatrice has been the headteacher of our school at Bwaziba for many years. She was there when Chris and Raymond first travelled to Uganda in 2009. I was sad to read that she has just been moved to another primary… Read more

The Shack

Raymond writes: Although I read a lot of books, I have rarely encountered one like this. The Shack, which was number one in the New York Times Bestseller List, has been sitting on my bookshelves for the last five years…. Read more