Make Your Presence Count

Tuesday 21st at 10am The plan this year is to take the hard labour out of counting all the money for the Jar of Grace. Instead of asking a single individual or couple to count it, we are going to… Read more


198,000 Christians live in Oman, making up just over 4% of the total population of 4.8 million. Not surprisingly, most of them are migrant workers. Oman is an absolute monarchy. The government expects obedience from its citizens – they are… Read more

Large Print Hymns

We have a large print version of all of our hymns for use by members of the 9am service but they are no longer used. Either we no longer have people with eye-sight issues, or members prefer to sing from… Read more

Week of Prayer For Christian Unity

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is kept annually in the Northern Hemisphere from 18— 25 January . In the Southern Hemisphere it is celebrated between Ascension and Pentecost. I realise that does not seem to express unity between… Read more

Caring for our Planet and our Future

The UK aims to reach net zero emissions before 2050. Parliament and dozens of local areas around the UK—including our own Bristol diocese—have declared a climate emergency. It is getting more and more difficult to ignore the implications of climate… Read more

Ongoing Persecution

In studying the 1st Epistle of Peter we encountered a church that was about to experience state persecution. That continued on and off for three centuries until the Emperor Constantine became a Christian. However persecution is not a thing of… Read more