The UK aims to reach net zero emissions before 2050.

Parliament and dozens of local areas around the UK—including our own Bristol diocese—have declared a climate emergency. It is getting more and more difficult to ignore the implications of climate change. For most of us the effects are still relatively mild. We have to take our umbrella out more often. But there are bigger concerns at a global level—and profound change is coming.

According to both National Geographic and Smithsonian Ocean rising sea levels are one of the most observable effects of climate change. “Average sea levels have swelled over 8 inches (about 23 cm) since 1880, with about three of those inches gained in the last 25 years.”

More than 600 million people live in low-elevation coastal areas, less than 10 metres above sea level. They will be at grave risk as sea levels rise. What do we need to know? And can we do anything?

We want to start the first three weeks of the new decade by focusing on our planet home. This involves using

  • our head to understand
  • our heart to care
  • our hands to act

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