In studying the 1st Epistle of Peter we encountered a church that was about to experience state persecution. That continued on and off for three centuries until the Emperor Constantine became a Christian. However persecution is not a thing of the past. County 46 is the South American nation of Colombia, notorious for its drug problems.

How many Christians live in Colombia?

47 million Christians live in Colombia – they make up almost 95% of the population of 49.5 million. You might assume that, being so numerous, Christians don’t face persecution there – but sadly, that isn’t the case.

Why are Christians persecuted in Colombia?

Criminal groups still control entire regions of Colombia. Christians and church leaders who stand against their activities, try to prevent young people from joining their ranks or share the gospel with gang members are seen as a threat to these groups.

Christians who stand against criminal gangs and guerrilla groups also suffer harassment, abduction, and extortion. Some are even killed.

Christians from indigenous groups face the accusation that they are betraying the traditional beliefs of their communities and may be denied access to services such as education and health care.