Supper Club Bar-B-Que

As is our usual practice, we will be hosting a bar-b-q for current, past and (hopefully) future members of St John’s Supper Club. In previous years it has been held at the end of the summer, but this year we… Read more

Some Staggering Statistics

The Church of England, being a denomination with centuries of history behind it, inevitably carries with it many issues from the past. Did you know…..? There are 16,000 Anglican church buildings across the country. Of these, no less than 11,000… Read more

Is Politics a Vocation?

Not many Christians get involved in politics. We feel there is a kind of hierarchy of callings. We all know who is at the top? Overseas missionaries – they have sacrificed the most for the Gospel, right? Then the five… Read more


This week we are giving the bulk of our bulletin over to CARE, a Christian organisation which is active in the world of politics. The facts, figures and thoughts found here all come from them. If they could be hear… Read more

Un-safe Online

CARE campaigns for child protection through the law to be upheld online, just as it is offline. Research published in 2016 warned that 53 per cent of 11-16 year olds have seen pornographic content online with 34 per cent viewing… Read more

Betting Against the Odds

According to the Gambling Commission around 0.7% of adults in the UK (about a third of a million people) are problem gamblers and a further 5.5% are identified as at risk. Studies have shown higher rates of problem gambling among… Read more

Slavery in the Modern World

Human trafficking, a form of modern day slavery, is one of the worst affronts to human dignity in our 21st century world. There are an estimated 45.8 million people in modern day slavery in the world. The Home Office has… Read more

Sunday School Family Picnic

We’re having a picnic for all families with children in Sunday School or SAS. It will be at: Lydiard Park at 1pm on Sunday 2nd July somewhere between the house and the lake. Bring your picnic rug and food and… Read more