Not many Christians get involved in politics. We feel there is a kind of hierarchy of callings. We all know who is at the top?

  • Overseas missionaries – they have sacrificed the most for the Gospel, right? Then the five after that would be
  • Church leaders – they do a ‘spiritual’ job don’t they? More spiritual than mine anyway…
  • Teachers – well, they educate our kids don’t they? Who’d argue against that as important?
  • Doctors – they mend our bodies and look after people, but not as spiritual as pastors.
  • Business people – this is where it starts to get dodgy. They do nasty dealings and run roughshod over the general public to make money.
  • And Right at the Very Bottom – Politicians. They are downright liars, the lot of them. They kid us all on and are soiled the most by sin.

This hierarchy of callings is completely misguided and incorrect!

Is sin not part of the reality of missionaries in Borneo and church leaders as much as with politicians? Is there truly a Sacred realm which is entirely separate from the Secular? Is the Spirit of God completely uninterested in politics because the Daily Mail has an ongoing field day with the flaws of prominent MPs in Westminster?

Our incredible God loves all His creation, and that includes the sphere of politics.