Growing Leaders 2020

If you don’t know much about Growing Leaders, as well as reading the accompanying brochure from Sally, have a look at the CPAS 10 minute promotional video.

The World Watch List

We took the decision at our last PCC to support Open Doors as one of our new partner organisations. Each year they publish The World Watch List. This is Open Doors’ annual ranking of the 50 countries where Christians face… Read more

The Christmas Choir

Alison has been hard at work choosing three carols for the choir to sing at this years Christmas Carol Service on the evening of Sunday December 22. As ever, she will be looking for a blend of sopranos, altos and… Read more

Contagious Giving

One of the big aspect of our lives as Christians is financial generosity. And it’s great to see it is catching. A child from Haydon Wick school gave his entire birthday money of £35 to the children of the blind… Read more