Alison has been hard at work choosing three carols for the choir to sing at this years Christmas Carol Service on the evening of Sunday December 22. As ever, she will be looking for a blend of sopranos, altos and men. The dates of the rehearsals will be

  • Monday, 2nd December
  • Monday, 9th December
  • Monday, 16th December

If you have never sung with us, you would be more than welcome to join us this year. There is lots of tuition, and you don’t need to have sung in a choir before. If you have watched TV programmes about people joining choirs, you will know what a great experience it can be.

World Cup Clash

It is going to come as a shock to the churches in this country when they discover that in 2022 the date of the carol service will clash with the final of the World Cup. The competition is being held in Qatar that year, and will be played in the winter rather than in the summer. Carol services all over the country will take place on the same evening as the cup final— December 18, 2022.

The chances of England being in the final of the World Cup are not vast. But, we will not know until the week before!