Computer Back Again

The good news is that our computer is now back and, at the time of writing, working. We have had a new replacement hard drive installed. So hopefully, we have come to the end of the paper versions of the… Read more

Learning and Growing

It was wonderful to see so many people taking communion for the first time last Sunday. One of the advantages of confirmation is that there is a short confirmation course. Most people find they learn quite a lot through that,… Read more

It’s All about the Crew

Please make sure that you take away your copy of your brochure. The need to find a new treasurer was one big reason for instigating the brochure, but as you will see, there are a number of different areas in… Read more

The Pattern Church

The Pattern Church Will Open at Advent. However, the church is not the same thing as the building. The building, which up until recently has been a pizza restaurant, is going to be undergoing significant internal and external refurbishment. More… Read more