Last Week...

Last week we heard about the Roman Emperor known as Julian the Apostate. He rejected Christianity, but saw clearly that Christianity was defeating paganism because of its inherent love and charity. One reason for the spread of Christianity was, in his… Read more

Changing Britain

Britain’s burgeoning cafe culture is still full of beans. No less than three coffee shops are opening around the country every single day. Unrelenting demand for flat whites and Americano’s means there are now more than 24,000 coffee shops in… Read more

Church Prayer Meeting

The next church prayer meeting will be held in church on Wednesday 9th May from 8pm to 9pm and will be led by Bill and the Rother Close Home Group. Will you spare just one hour to come together as… Read more


Congratulations to Mike, Carol, Tony, Alan and Tom who were all elected to PCC on Monday evening. A big thank you to Rod for agreeing to stand for a single year along with Sharon, as our churchwarden. There will need… Read more

Resourcing Church

For commercial reasons, we are still not able to announce the actual venue for this new venture in Swindon. However, we expect to be able to do that within the next few weeks. Setting up the Bristol and the Swindon… Read more