Last week we heard about the Roman Emperor known as Julian the Apostate. He rejected Christianity, but saw clearly that Christianity was defeating paganism because of its inherent love and charity. One reason for the spread of Christianity was, in his view, the fact that that Christians not only cared for their own people, but also for the non-Christians around them. What were they thinking of?

When it comes to sending young people from Pinehurst and other Urban Priority Areas to Uganda, not all of them share our faith. But all of them come from homes where money is in short supply. One reason this trip is more costly than others is because not only flights, but passports and inoculations will need to be paid for by the local churches. Our local schools, and the young people themselves have been amazed at the generosity of Christians towards them. On the cycle trip, they wondered, “Why are people we don’t know giving so generously to us?” Funnily enough, the Emperor Julian asked a similar question. If you would like to make a gift, please put it in an envelope, addressed to our treasurer with the words “Uganda Trip” on the front.