The theme at this Week’s Hong Kong Welcome Course was “Well-being”. That is something which is important to everyone, but especially important if you have just moved to a new country, are learning a new language, are putting your children into new schools, are finding a new church or are simply trying to work out why the refuse collectors are not prepared to take the plastic recycling away from your house. The stress can really get on top of you.

Friends, hobbies, the open air, financial security and, of course, worship are all vital to our wellbeing. So we were given a lot to think about. And also to eat!

We did really well for shepherd’s pies from members of the congregation. So thank you so much to all those of you who provided them for us last Monday morning.

Raymond learned to say the Cantonese word “Si” in no less than six different intonations. They did not sound very different—at least the way he pronounced them.

The Chinese Government is now forcing Hong Kongers to learn Mandarin, the language of China. Another sign of pressure.