The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar in the weeks running up to Christmas. This year, things are different.

Seven countries involved in the competition – including Qatar itself – are in the World Watch List 50 countries in which it is most dangerous to be a Christian. The tournament offers an opportunity to raise awareness and pray for Christians living where faith costs most. Here are two resources

Tackle Persecution World Cup 2022 Prayer Diary

Every day of the group stages features a nation from the World Watch List. For each day of the first two weeks of the tournament, you will find inspirational stories and prayer points to help you support Christians in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Mexico. Will you pray when they play?

Tackle Persecution Worldwide 2022 Sticker Album

Who doesn’t love a footie sticker album? Open doors has created a sticker album focusing on the countries where persecution needs to be tackled. It’s great for children, families and even adults.

These resources will be available to order soon from Get them—share them—with your Christian friends and family.