The Transforming Church Together agenda continues strongly. Diocesan Synod meets on 7th September and Transforming Church will be top of the agenda.

It is fair to say that if you are a member of a local church you have probably not heard very much about it. We can’t say much more about the latest plans and proposals. They have yet to be ratified by Synod.

Up to now, there is been a lot of thinking, consulting, planning and preparation. Inevitably, much of the work must continue behind the scenes until the strategy has been brought to the point where it can be more widely published. Bishop Viv may want to talk more about this with us when she comes on Sunday, September 18th. That is just 11 days after the latest Synod.

PCCs, clergy and congregations are going to notice this. There is a great emphasis on leadership and mission and the future will be different from the past. Clergy priorities and ways of working will change.

Racial justice and the environment are very important to Bishop Viv and they will also feature strongly. The diocese has a commitment to achieving a net zero carbon target by 2030.

Another very good reason for coming to hear Bishop Viv on 18th September.