There were numerous books like Revelation around at the time of Jesus. Bizarrely, to our mind, they often claimed to have been written by well known Old Testament figures like Enoch from the book of Genesis, Ezra or Baruch. (Jeremiah’s PA). But of course they weren’t. Nobody was fooled.

Today, we find it very hard to get our heads around that. It feels underhand. But, it was just part of the apocalyptic style. People in the past did things differently from us. Everyone knew what was going on.

Not surprisingly, none of those books ever made it into the Bible.

Revelation claims no special author from the past. The writer, John, is a prisoner for his faith on the island of Patmos. He has simply written down what was shown to him in a vision. If you are interested in being part of a homegroup, learning more about Revelation, Ali and Mary are starting a new group and would be pleased to talk to you. Or contact Sharon and we can see about finding you a group for you to join.