The latest figures from the respected Pew Research Centre estimate that by 2060, 32% of the world will be Christian and 31% Muslim. But what do we know of Islam? Is it really that different from Christianity? Muslims believe in Abraham and Jesus – just like we do. And anyway – do we not all worship the same God? After all – there is only one! Isn’t there??

Finding out what Muslims really believe about God and Jesus, sin and salvation is a real eye opener. My hope is that we will come out with a better understanding of Islam and a deeper appreciation of our own faith. The Monday home group will be ahead of us. They looked at this subject earlier in the year.

One of the books we don’t study too often in our churches is Revelation. All those dragons and beasts and horsemen and mysterious numbers! What is it all about? Well—we will find out next term. We want everyone to really get a handle on the book because it has a great deal to say about our world—and not just the end of it. All will be revealed.